Android Development Guide

Hello Friends,
                       Today I want to Share with you all my Experience with the Android Platform. Android Platform is easy to understand but you must have some idea about XML and Swings. Although they are not required, but person having knowledge of these Technologies will be an added advantage in learning the concept.

  Android Development Starts with following things in your mind specifically :

1) The Processing Should be Quick.

2) Start-up shouldn't take too much time.
3) It should have Multitasking Capabilities.
4) CPU Utilization should be less.
5) Graphics Performance should be Good so that you can play even HD games on it.
6) Per Pixel Intensity should be appropriate so that pictures can't get blurred.
5) Less Phone Memory should be Used, it means you must have some capability to move Apps from Phone to SD Card. This can be Done by Rooting the Phone and install one application from Android Market. Although Rooting can JailBreak Your Android Phone ; means you can lost your Manufacturer warranty but still we have solution for it, you can Unroot your Android.


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